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Who we are?


The idea for this project came to physician-couple Katja Ziegler-Löhr and Thorsten Löhr whilst travelling Uganda.

Through personal contacts they gained insight into the current status of health care--especially in the region of Bwindi in the south of the country.

They recognized that focused aid is not only necessary but also sensible.

Upon returning to Germany the couple shared their experiences with friends and colleagues and founded the organisation “Health for All Uganda e.V.”.


What is our goal?


We want to assist in developing far-reaching access to medical care in Uganda and thereby increase both chances for and life expectancy of Ugandans. To do this we also support pre-existing, promising projects.


What motivates us?


Our goal is to achieve a more just distribution of resources in the world. To accomplish this, we strive to play an active role: We help the poorest of the poor and by doing so are working at the root of migration which also affects Europe.

The focus of our project is the support and development of the Bwindi Community Hospital in Buhoma, Uganda.

What happens with your donation?


Your donation is transferred to the Bwindi Community Hospital and used to support pre-existing projects of the hospital. These include the establishment and construction of the pediatric ward, development of a nursing school, further adult education for nutrition and the maintenance of a mobile care unit for the care of newborns, children and pregnant women in the difficult to access rainforest.

Furthermore, your donations finance the acquisition, transport and composition of medical devices and instruments, medication and medical aids as well as the necessary training of technical personnel.

By the way- your monetary contributions and donations in kind can be used for tax deduction purposes in Germany. Upon request, we can issue you a donation receipt.

How can we succeed?/How can we reach our goals?


As a registered organisation it is possible for us and others to be involved without large administrative efforts:  We want to actively provide help through volunteer assignments, e.g. through OR-Camps, the development of consultation clinics and the provision of intensive care capacities.

How can you help?


For our initiative to succeed we need YOUR support.

Apart from monetary donations we are also looking for:

  • Philanthropists without fear of contact

  • Doctors and Nurses

  • Medical products of any kind

  • Medical devices, instruments and materials

  • Pharmaceutical donations

  • Companies for the construction of power plants for alternative energy sourcing

Contact us!
Because your help is the best medicine!